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Current Release Notes

June 30, 2019 (Magikarp release)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed padding on user initials in the drawer.
  • Fixed a crash when opening Customize Screens and no screens are available.
  • Force network requests to retry when WiFi or Cell service drops out.
  • Fixed an issue with the map in Shuttles stealing touches from the map markers.


  • Updated navigation in the app to be more consistent with other apps.
  • Courses term now defaults to the current term if users are taking courses.
  • Slight change to the survey icon's line weight.
  • Added year and month sections to the Academic Calendar.
  • Changed the way long running events show up on the Academic Calendar.
  • Added times to events in the Academic Calendar, where applicable.
  • Shuttle ETAs will refresh when the app transitions from background to foreground.
  • Changed some minor text wording.
    Updated React Native to 0.60.0-rc.2 for access to new accessibility functions.