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Historical Release Notes

June 16th, 2019 (Slowpoke release)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sticky badge counts, user badge counts should clear when the notifications are viewed.
  • Fixed a crash happening on the Shuttles screen - iOS 11 and below.
  • Fixed pull to refresh not working on News & Events screen
  • Properly order semesters on the Courses screen
  • Added a push notification icon for Android devices
  • Fixed a bug causing the Home screen to repeatedly route users to a notification's link location.
  • Fixed a problem with news stories not refreshing when the app moves from background to foreground.
  • Fixed a bug causing titles to overlap on some screen.
  • Fixed Android's back button behavior on web content (Dining, Course Catalog, etc)
  • Fixed incorrect dates on Spring 2020 holidays.
  • Fixed the dots on the home screen overlapping with icons.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow votes to update after a survey has closed.


  • Added badge indicators to Holds, Notifications, and Survey icons.
  • Added a search to buildings list in the Shuttles screen.
  • Added haptic feedback to the Customize Menu screen and other areas.
  • Organized buildings list in Shuttle by campus (Main and Round Rock).
  • Adjusted the timing of long press to drag action on the Customize Menu screen.
  • Fixed a bug preventing notifications screen from refreshing when a new notification arrives.
  • Added Transportation notifications for things like Shuttle Route closures and modified schedules.
  • Updated the Notifications screen to emulate the design of the Holds screen.
  • Implemented a new Campus Contacts screen with more useful contacts.
  • Added a label to week at a glance under My TXST / Courses.
  • Customize Menu screen has been reworked to be more accessible for users with a screen reader.
  • Changed screen reader label for news stories on the home screen.
  • Added accessibility labels to contacts screen, fixed pronunciation of some acronyms (ITAC, SAP).
  • Added accessibility labels to week at a glance button under My TXST / Courses.