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TRACS Mobile

TRACS Mobile was updated to feature a new look and feel based on feedback from the student body of Texas State University. The TRACS Mobile team listened to student suggestions and designed an app that gives them convenient ways to check grades and access popular TRACS tools that all students use.

Core Changes

  • Users control how they see courses using our Favorites filter
  • Enjoy quick access to the Resources and Attendance tools
  • Check new forum posts and announcements in app
  • Keep track of course grades

What's New?

TRACS Mobile has a new look and feel with enhanced functionality based on student feedback.

TRACS Mobile app favorites filter showing multiple courses selected by the user

Course Filters

Organize your TRACS sites with the Favorites filter

TRACS Mobile app full list of course grades screen


View your released Gradebook items for each course

TRACS Mobile app forums tool with the quick links bar

Tool Access

Enjoy easy access to popular TRACS tools

TRACS Mobile app notifications indicator on a course card


Be notified about forum posts and announcements per course