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Texas State University

Current Release Notes

Ekans - 6.0.5

Bug Fixes

  • Newsreel cards respect the Android back button and return to the home screen
  • Fixed issue with dismissing modals by clicking the backdrop
  • Prevent opening the BobcatMail app if the user clicked cancel on the OS prompt
  • Fixed word casing on the holds screen
  • Centered the empty state message for the survey screen
  • Corrected colors of text on the shuttle tab bar to indicate inactivity
  • Fix to allow PDFs to be downloaded on Android


  • Upgrade React Native to 0.60.4
  • Implemented a new design for the list of news cards
  • Added a clear button to all search inputs
  • Confirmation message when exiting the app via the Android back button
  • Better support for landscape on the shuttle screen
  • Added a pending style of ETA for shuttle stops
  • Removed the Google Maps provided toolset on Android
  • Fixed the infinite loading scenario with an automatic rebuild & retry pattern


  • Adjusted color contrast of shuttle tab bar for accessibility